Real Estate in Williston ND

Real Estate in Williston ND
Real Estate in Williston ND Real Estate in Williston ND
Real Estate in Williston ND

What is your Williston, ND, home worth?

Selling your Williston, ND, can be a big hassle at times. There are a lot of steps for you to take, and sometimes it can be a long process. However, with the help of the Bekk’s Realty agents, you will be selling your Williston home in no time. Selling your home can be a complicated process, but the first thing you should do is check your home’s value. Whether you are selling your home, or are looking to save some money, checking the value of your home compared to the first day you bought it is vital. If your home has raised in value, then now is the perfect time to refinance your mortgage loan, or even sell your home for an immense profit. Before you sell your home though, there are some key facts you should take into consideration. The median listing price for homes in Williston has lowered by nearly $88,000 since May of 2014. The median listing price per square foot has lowered by $25 per square foot since May 2014. The appreciation rate has risen by 219.36% over the last ten years. All of these facts should be taken into consideration when you are deciding to sell your home or not.

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Real Estate in Williston ND