Real Estate in Williston ND

Real Estate in Williston ND
Real Estate in Williston ND Real Estate in Williston ND
Real Estate in Williston ND

Community Links- Williston North Dakota

Here at Bekk’s Realty Incorporated, we shift our attention to our clients and how we can better serve them. One way that we have decided to better serve you is by adding links and resources to our website for you to access. We strive to make our clients lives easier, which is why we have included links to different elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, visitor’s centers, and more. Instead of spending a lot of time researching links to different schools and such in the area, you can simply click on any of the links below. These links are meant to help our future Willistonians with their relocation process. Any of these schools are great schools to enroll your child(ren) in. They are top-notch schools that will ensure your child a great education. The visitor’s center includes a lot of different activities and events for your visitors to check out. The Chamber of Commerce focuses on news within Williston, events, community resources, and more. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to links or resources, our agents know exactly where to look.

If you have any questions about any of the links listed below, please feel free to contact any of our wonderful agents. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Elementary Schools in Williston ND

1224 1st Ave E 

Williston North Dakota (701) 572-5412


704 17th Ave W

Williston North Dakota (701) 572-6331


2501 29th St W 

Williston North Dakota (701) 572-4960


502 West Highland Dr 

Williston North Dakota (701) 713-7300


Middle Schools in Williston ND

501 14th St W 

Williston North Dakota (701) 572-5618


2 37th Avenue SE 

Williston North Dakota (701) 572-3579


High Schools in Williston ND

4200 32nd St W

Williston ND (701) 572-0967


Colleges in Williston ND

1410 University Ave 

Williston ND (701) 774-4200


Williston Convention & Visitor's Center

212 Airport Rod

Williston, ND (701) 774-9041 

Chamber of Commerce 

10 Main Street 

Williston ND (701) 577-6000




Real Estate in Williston ND